Complete the tasks set out and the form below – do everything right BEFORE CUT OFF TIME, you get PAID!

The form to be completed will be active only when a flash Airdrop is in process.


1. Add email address to keep updated on promotions

2. Open Bank-Ezy account and add BEZY wallet addres

3. Follow Bank-Ezy page on Twitter and retweet the pinned post

4. Follow Bank-Ezy’s new YouTube channel

5. Watch the video on the pinned post on Bank-Ezy Twitter and answer the question “Where in the world is the WORST WINTER experienced?”

6. Vote for Bank-Ezy on Blockfolio

7. Vote for BEZY on Blockfolio

8. Vote for Bit-Media on Blockfolio”

9. Complete Google Doc – Only Correct Answers to #5 will be rewarded with 5,000 BEZY


Memes are great to share on social media. Let’s have some fun with BEZY and create awareness of this awesome community coin. Complete the form so we do not miss your meme! Get some inspiration here. This is a 500 BEZY Bounty.

1. Add your email address

2. Open Bank-Ezy account and add BEZY wallet addres

3. Create a meme. Try Imgflip, its our favorite.

4. Follow Bank-Ezy on Twitter and post your meme on our page

5. Complete the google form.

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