ICO – Initial Coin Offering projects

Raise awareness about your project by setting up an airdrop – what are the benefits of an airdrop?

In short, airdropping is a Win-Win situation, free advertising while creating a community and growing adoption of your token / coin.

Promote your token / coin and cultivate the a market for your future platform with a possibility of gaining potential future interested investors.

Giving away some tokens / coin could cause the new currency to appreciate in value as the community and recipients of the token / coin are more inclined to give it more value than if they had never heard of it.

Set tasks to be completed such as:-

  • Joining Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and other platforms
  • ReTweeting pinned posts on Twitter
  • Joining mailing lists
  • Opening specific wallets
  • Other tasks as required

Besides Airdropping your token for a small fee, submit your press release regarding your project and it will be published FREE of charge on Bit-Media and shared on social media for additional exposure.


Set up your airdrop here


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